Trade broking

We serve as a trade broker by buying and selling wide range of goods in Poland, Europe and all over the world.

Providing sales platform of leading distributors

We can offer access to leading distributors sales channel. Our business partners don’t need to employ resources to address their offer to distributors and wholesalers. Thanks to our relations built through years of commercial activity we can place products of our partners in the portfolio of leading wholesalers and distributors.

Technical support

We offer wide range technical support for products manufactured or sold on any market. Thanks to that retail customers of our partners don’t have any problems to install and use products bought. All inquiries are directly addressed to us, discharging our partners from duty of time-consuming and expensive technical support.

Warranty extending

We provide broad range warranty extending services for products manufactured or sold by our business partners – warranty period extending services, warranty territory extending services and warranty liability extending services. Thanks to our services products sold by our partners are more attractive to their customers.